Happy Derby Day

Welcome race fans to the 137th running of the Kentucky Derby.  Today’s forecast seems to be destined for showers but it’s not going to move this train of good times off its course.  It’s great to be here in Louisville, KY to take on the challenge of solving the mystery, live from Churchill Downs. 

The field is definitely still a mystery.  So far this weekend, anyone I’ve talked to will agree on how tough it is to find the winner but everyone, and I do mean everyone, is feeling that they have it somewhere in the back of their picks.  But how easy is it to say you have the winner compared to having it?  Very.  Yesterday it was Plum Pretty who put on a magnificent show, stealing the Kentucky Oaks by fending off a late charge by St. Johns River.  Paying $14.60 to win she wasn’t the obvious choice.  Today I seem to think that yesterday’s trend will repeat itself when another winner pays over $12 to win.

So who’s it going to be you might ask?  Great Question.  After the derby prep season has taken me in a ton of different directions, I’m going to have stick with an old piece of advice that I picked up on over the years: stick with who you’ve bet before.  I was very drawn to a horse not named Dialed In in the Florida Derby and will return to the well with him today.  I think that the rain will play to the advantage of Soldat so I’m sticking with him to a certain degree.  However, Dialed In is a very talented horse and remains the horse to beat. 

All and all, I recommend that you stick with what you were thinking prior to today.  With as many twists and turns that we’ve seen, it may be a bad idea to let any last minute analysis sway your picks at the betteing window.  I’m happy to be here today and am expecting to see my fair share of surprises.  But….there isn’t another day in racing quite like the Kentucky Derby.  It’s a day that I enjoy and look forward to so it’s great to be here.  Happy Derby Day to all, good luck to all…….let’s get some winners.

Written by: Little Brink


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