Animal Loose in New York

Nehro's Owner Zayat Still Raving About Sitting Next to Fundanichols

After Animal Kingdom’s amazing run through the Derby, I was convinced that two things were going to happen.  First, we would be looking at a potential Triple Crown winner on June 11 and second, that it would coincide with the birth of my son on the same day.  He would be aptly named Animal.  However, it seems that AK had no such luck in the Preakness and it looks like my child may be a late bloomer anyways.

Regardless, this weekend’s race at Belmont Park should provide plenty of excitement and a couple of sporty Pick 4s, Pick 6s and potentially even a healthy trifecta and superfecta.  In my mind, the garland of carnations is down to two horses, Animal Kingdom and Nehro.  I will be keying them on top of most my exotics and hoping everything else falls in line.

The Pick: Nehro – Animal Kingdom – Master of Hounds

The Play: $2TriW – AK, Nehro / AK, Nehro / Master of Hounds, Mucho Macho Man, Santiva = $12

$2ExB – Master of Hounds, Santiva, Mucho Macho Man, Brillant Speed

I will be spending most of my time betting across (pick 3s, 4s and 6s), rather than betting down (trifectas, superfectas, etc.)

Good Luck!

Written By: Fundanichols


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