Month: June 2012

Takeaways From the 2012 Triple Crown

And so the pursuit of another Triple Crown continues. The Triple Crown can be described many different ways. However, since the quest has taken a hit in 2012 it leads to the interpretation that it is an impossible feat. Another word that sums things up to date is Curse. But is it? The truth is that the facts don’t lie and right now there aren’t many things that can dismiss this perception.

The 34 years that have passed since Affirmed was crowned in 1978 puts us in the middle of the longest Triple Crown drought of all time. Because the dry spell has carried on this long we’ve also seen more bids unravel in the final leg. Ahead of Secretariat changing the sport in 1973 you had to go back to Citation in 1948 to find the last Triple Crown winner. In those 24 years 7 different horses won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes before they were denied at Belmont Park. But when you add 10 more years to a drought and include I’ll Have Another in 2012, the total of Triple Crown near misses since Affirmed has now climbed to 12.  (more…)


Let’s Restrategize

Betting the Belmont All Over Again

With I’ll Have Another’s bid for the Triple Crown now off the table it’s back to the drawing board for finding a winner. Before we break down what his absence does to the Belmont Stakes and the field, we’ll first have to recognize our champion colt.

“It’s a bummer. It’s not tragic, but it’s a huge disappointment.” That statement by Trainer Doug O’Neill puts today’s unfortunate and freakish injury into a better perspective. It was an incredible journey for I’ll Have Another. To see it come to unexpected end just over 24 hours prior to the post parade has been tough to stomach. However, while it’s hard to see I’ll Have Another come so close it’s still good to know that he is expected to recover before he pastures into a healthy retirement.

I take my hat off to a memorable champion and his entire team. They handled themselves with class leading up to the Belmont Stakes and with grace upon breaking the news today. Doug O’Neill handled his colt with poise leading up to and throughout the 2012 Triple Crown so to see him and owner Paul Reddam grip the hand they were dealt with calmness and without asking for sympathy deserves my applause. Here’s to Team I’ll Have Another, his magnificent triumphs and rewarding journey.

While my bid will have to be without the horse that got me here it doesn’t mean that his name won’t serve me an assist. I’ve been relishing the idea of winning my own personal Triple Crown. I’ve already declared it. When asked, I’ve responded the same way almost every time. So in his honor it stays the same; “I’ll Have Another.” (more…)

The Morning Line: 144th Belmont Stakes

I’ll Have Another Has Reached His Date with Destiny

Sports are most recognized for records, dynasties, amazing moments or athletes and the performances of its champions. Even as the glory is coveted through the history of every sport, the same goes for the moments of mystery, losing streaks, heart-break and in the case of Thoroughbred Racing, the Triple Crown drought. The ongoing phenomenon has reached 34 years since the crown was last worn but so has the moment when I’ll Have Another enters the arena. The Belmont Stakes Barn is a full house, the post positions have been drawn, and the Morning Line Odds set so without further ado we bring you the special Triple Crown edition of THE MORNING LINE.

Click Here for the Belmont Stakes Field and Morning Line Odds  (more…)

Why I’ll Have Another Can Win the Triple Crown

 Chasing vs. Leading At the Top of the Stretch

I’ll Have Another has reached the door step of immortality. While that road is an accomplishment alone, it’s only if he can complete the journey with another win that will allow him to relish in the halls of Thoroughbred Racing history. Since Affirmed became the 11th Triple Crown winner in 1978 there have been eleven other horses that have also reached that same door step but were unable to enter. As in each of those attempts at becoming the next, I’ll Have Another now faces the same analysis and predictions about his chances of becoming the legendary 3-yr-old that ended the Triple Crown drought. The similarities to the years that ended with a Belmont Stakes defeat is the general place to begin but the variables that separate I’ll Have Another is where things get interesting.  (more…)