Month: February 2013

The All-Weather Track Preps

Handicapping sure has changed since the inception of the All-Weather Track. What’s shifting with it is the amount of Kentucky Derby contender’s that race on the surface leading up to the first Saturday in May. Already this season we’re looking at a top contender named Violence. If his biggest win, coming on a synthetic surface, didn’t catch your attention then let me fill you in; it was a prime example. This weekend we head back to California and back to this other surface for the G3 El Camino Real Stakes.

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A New Derby Trend is on the Rise

Over the years and through the decades of Kentucky Derby history some trends have been talked about much more than others. Some have held their ground but others have also ended. Some fans disregard them while others pay close attention.  Regardless, these fads can be fun to watch and always add excitement to the Kentucky Derby.

This brings me to a trend that has only recently begun to develop. Because it doesn’t have a lot legs I can understand if you dismiss it immediately. But, 6 years in a row is still worth mentioning so here goes. Since 2006, when Barbaro won the G3 Tropical Park Derby on New Years Day, no Kentucky Derby winner has raced in January.

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