Month: May 2013

Deep Closers Face a Risky Test in the Preakness

In the days and weeks leading up to the Kentucky Derby the discussion regarding the racing style of the top contenders always comes up. It’s a fun conversation so let’s carry it into Preakness 2013. In recent years the winner of the Preakness Stakes would be described as either a Stalker, Front Runner or sometimes Closer. As for the Deep Closer that’s a style that brings us to one important horse in particular, the 2013 Kentucky Derby Champion Orb.

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Can You Win the Preakness After Skipping the Derby?

Following the 1982 Kentucky Derby, the connections for the winner, Gato Del Sol, made a very surprising decision. For the first time in 23 years the Kentucky Derby winner would by-pass the second jewel and rest instead for the Belmont Stakes. The absence of Gato Del Sol took away the chance of a Triple Crown but it also introduced us to Aloma’s Ruler, a horse that skipped the Kentucky Derby.

The following year Sunny’s Halo made it to Pimlico to race in the Preakness Stakes but the Kentucky Derby winner was not able to carry his win streak into the third and final leg of the Triple Crown. As a substitute story line we were once again introduced to another winner that did not run in the Kentucky Derby. This time it was Deputed Testamony, a Maryland Bred that proved he didn’t need the Kentucky Derby in order to win on his home turf.

Since 1983 however, the rare feat has remained somewhat unusual as only 3 of the last 29 Preakness Stakes winners skipped the Kentucky Derby. Although it has occurred twice in the last eight years I recommend we look at whom two of these horses were.

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2013 Kentucky Derby Picks

Happy Derby Week racing fans! The long and exciting trail to the Kentucky Derby is drawing to a close. But, this stage of the journey is always the most exciting because it is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Throughout the prep season I haven’t been overly vocal about my Kentucky Derby rankings, contenders or choices but as of right now that is no longer the case. It’s derby week and the 139th Kentucky Derby is here so let’s dive in…….

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